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About PACERS, Inc

Motto: "Striving for Excellence in Total Quality Childcare."


Purpose of PACERS, Inc 

Psycho-educational Assessment, Consultation, and Educational Research Services (PACERS) Inc. is a service-oriented agency which specializes in the following activities:
       i. Exemplary diagnostic assessment/remediation for
          students at-risk for academic failure,
       ii. Pioneering research endeavors; and
       iii.Consultation for educators and parents.

Why Was PACERS, Inc. Developed?

 PACERS, Inc. was established as a response to the needs of struggling ADHD children and their care-givers. PACERS pledges to engage in the comprehensive diagnosis of students and educational programs and to design and execute quality and efficient intervention approaches for a larger cross section of our inner-city students. This agency also pledges to provide educators with alternative classroom management, and teaching strategies, and to guide them in the development of Individualized Education Programs (IEP's) and in the streamlining of IEP goals to match the individual student deficits.

Who Can Benefit From the Services of PACERS?


Any student who can benefit from motivational classes and tutoring services (remediation) in Mathematics and Language Arts can benefit from PACERS services. Specifically, this agency is designed to provide assistance to children who have been diagnosed or may be at-risk for ADHD and various other school-related disorders.

What is Our intervention strategy?  

PACERS, Inc. proposes a four-prong intervention approach: 1) Evaluation, 2) Counseling, 3) comprehensive behavior management, and 4) tutoring -- utilizing, as much as possible computers and technology assistance. Further, PACERS is committed to a socio-educational paradigm that encourages the development of trans-disciplinary team approaches to student intervention. This involves initiating and sustaining efforts aimed at bringing together educators, mental health professionals, parents and other community agencies to provide effective and efficient service delivery procedures to our at-risk students.

What are the Short- and Long-term Goals of PACERS?

The goal is two-fold: 1) to provide the services necessary to guarantee a friendly teaching/learning environment and optimum educational productivity and 2) to help our children to mature and develop into well-adjusted citizens. Long range goals for the agency position it as a trendsetter in the area of comprehensive psycho-educational assessment and a pacesetter in research into the exploration of new and innovative educational trends.

How will PACERS Secure Funds to Meet this Goal?

The management of PACERS envision this service-agency to be funded through consumer fees, private fund-raising along with organization-approved expenditure, and special grants to create the sort of laboratory program necessary to fulfill our short, medium, and long-range goals.