PACERS, Inc. offers a range of Direct (face-to-face)and Online support services.

Face-to-face Support Services include:

  1. Psycho-educational assessments
  2. Consultation services to parents, teacher and community agencies
  3. Peer-Tutoring Services
  4. After-school academic support
  5. Homework assistance
  6. Research and statistical support for graduate students.

Online Services include:

1. Diagnostic screening of attention and executive functioning deficits in children.

  • Necessary arrangement are made for the child to take the C-ADDS – an online diagnostic screening device
  • The child’s performance is analyzed
  • Standardized scores and a pictograph are generated to showing the likelihood that the child has deficits in attention and executive functioning
  • A report is generated indicating specific deficits in some of the underlying components of ADHD and various other executive functions.
  • Client has option to purchase a premium report which would include a more extensive analysis and recommendations for web-based interventions that target their specific deficits.

2. Academic and various support services to students who may be at-risk for academic failure. Qualified personnel for the PACERS, inc. organization would utilize online web applications to perform the following tasks:

  • Pre-assess your child to determine his/her math and reading level
  • Generate a prescribed an sequence of interventions to target the math/reading deficits
  • Progress monitor the child’s progress and provide parents/guardians with relevant feedback information
  • Empower parent with the necessary information so that they can be effective advocate for their children.
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