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Addressing the needs of ADHD and Low-Achieving math students and planting the seeds for success

PACERS, Incorporated is a service-oriented organization that is committed to  free or low-cost yet admirable consultation to community agencies, teachers, parents, and psycho-educational and counseling services to students who are at-risk for academic failure. One of our featured products is the Carlisle- Attention Diagnostic System (C-ADDS).

The C-ADDS was a face-to-face paper and pencil test that was recently transformed into a web-based ADHD diagnostic screening tool that utilizes nine subtests which provide feedback on the multiple aspects of the client’s level of attention and executive functioning. The primary goal of PACERS, Inc is to facilitate a partnership that will nurture, challenge, and motivate students to strive for academic excellence and to become life-long learners and productive members of the society.


The mission of PACERS, Inc is to instill confidence in, and offer an alternative message of hope, a sense of relief and a touch of joy to care-givers, struggling ADHD children and others at-risk for academic failure. 

PACERS, Inc. offers a range of Direct (face-to-face) and Online support services.

Face-to-face Support Services include:

  1. Psycho-educational assessments
  2. Consultation services to parents, teacher and community agencies
  3. Peer-Tutoring Services
  4. After-school academic support
  5. Homework assistance
  6. Research and statistical support for graduate students.          






Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and various executive functioning deficits typically begin in childhood and often persist into adulthood. There is a growing need for early diagnostic screening, interventions and various other support structures to address many of the resulting school-related concerns.


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Online Services include:

1. Diagnostic screening of attention and executive functioning deficits in children. 

  • Necessary arrangement are made for the child to take the C-ADDS – an online diagnostic screening device
  • The child’s performance is analyzed
  • Standardized scores and a pictograph are generated to showing the likelihood that the child has deficits in attention and executive functioning
  • A report is generated indicating specific deficits in some of the underlying components of ADHD and various other executive functions.
  • Client has option to purchase a premium report which would include a more extensive analysis and recommendations for web-based interventions that target their specific deficits.
2. Academic and various support services to students who may be at-risk for academic failure. Qualified personnel for the PACERS, inc. organization would utilize online web applications to perform the following tasks:
  • Pre-assess your child to determine his/her math and reading level
  • Generate a prescribed an sequence of interventions to target the math/reading deficits
  • Progress monitor the child’s progress and provide parents/guardians with relevant feedback information
  • Empower parent with the necessary information so that they can be effective advocate for their children.


The C-ADDS is a web-based screening of ADHD that utilizes nine subtests which provide feedback on the multiple aspects of the client’s level of attention and executive functioning. Each subtest generally starts with items that are relatively easy but gradually increase in the level of difficulty.  Airtight diagnostics/assessment procedures identify and track the types of errors the student is making.  Statistical procedures and analyses are then used to generate a set of Standard Scores and a graphical/pictorial representation of the student’s performance yielding results which identify specific deficits in core areas of attention and executive functioning and indicate the likelihood that the individual has a disorder in attention or executive functioning.

The C-ADDS subtest items/activities have been especially designed for the diagnostic screening of attention and executive functioning skills in young children. The novel activities help kids to stay engaged while the various areas of attention and executive functioning are being assessed.  Each student interaction is tracked to create/provide a detailed executive functioning report on each child and to allow for the personalizing of support strategies based on individual Executive Functioning profile. These reports allow teachers, parents and healthcare professionals to get a snapshot view of student’s strengths and/or deficits at a glance. The C-ADDS reports also provide suggested web-based activities that claim to have relatively good prognostic value.

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